Letters from the Editor...


What's Next?

What's next? Do I even know?

My modus operandi tends to be to seize ideas and opportunities when they present themselves to me, purely for the sake of the new, for the sake of learning, for growth and the forward momentum that carries me through life. I try to keep away from expectations about what 'should' be, or box myself into certain directions without questioning why.

This project started out as an idea, naturally... But now that it's been running for a few months I see new possibilities for where it could go. I don't want to say too much for fear of setting expectations and then immediately blocking myself from fulfilling them... But I also want to herald somehow that there is more coming. There is being boxed in, but there is also having the courage to take that first step and speak things into existence.

I've been working to develop a more comprehensive platform; a new site, a new name, and more information about what this is all about. And what is it all about? Well, it seems to me like it's about raising the voices of sex workers, to provide a space where we may shape our own narratives about ourselves and our work.

So often we are victim to misrepresentaiton, to stigma and censorship. Within our industry, there is the complexity of circumstance and motivation. There is great diversity among us; who we are and where we come from. It feels impossible to say one thing about the sex industry and have it be true of all of us... Except perhaps for the fact we're human. And I think through sharing our stories and experiences, we can affirm each other's humanity. We can build a community of mutual recognition... Something we can give ourselves, if society won't.

So stay tuned, watch this space, keep your eye out, and tell me if I'm getting anything wrong (please!)

Quin x  

Keeping Up the Pace...

Welcome, unknown reader! My warmest welcome, for I'm not sure if anyone reads these little letters. It means a lot if you are.

I've been so fortunate to receive enough submissions to release another issue of GSWR! And hopefully, I'll be able to follow up with more. Or maybe things will slow down, and I shall canvass pieces from my sex worker community and release them as they are ready. Regardless, I shall persevere.

What's important is that I am representing our industry's diversity and supporting my fellow sex workers in some way. Whether that's with the little financial gratitude I can afford, or by raising your creative voices, or in sharing the stories of your experience — that's what this project is all about.

Whoever you are, I hope you get something meaningful out of these writings. I think each piece has the power to make us feel, to teach us, and to cast an illuming light on our otherwise shadowy world.

Knowledge is power. Understanding is the antidote to ignorance and stigma. To that effect, it would mean so much if you helped spread the word. Engagement with our posts on Twitter are much appreciated.

I love feedback... So if you're someone who has submitted a piece and corresponded with me directly, if you've read through the site and noticed errors or inconsistencies, if you have suggestions and advice — I want to hear from you!

Similarly, I'd love for anyone who is interested in being involved to please get in touch. Email me at editor@greatsexworkerwritings.com


Our First Issue!

Welcome to the first issue of Great Sex Worker Writings! It is my great privilege and pleasure to release this writing to the public.

One of the most beautiful things about this project, so far, is that it has allowed me to come into contact with new people. People whom I otherwise would never have had the opportunity to meet.

I’m somewhat solitary. I keep a close circle. By chance or design, I’ve always seemed to exist on the fringes of any group of which I’ve been a part. The sex industry has given me so much, and I yearn for connectedness to such a special and diverse community of people.

One of my chief aims for this project is to demonstrate that diversity; to share the experiences and creativity of sex workers from all walks of life. There are many different forms of sex work and the industry exists all over the world. The pieces I’m publishing are all different; they come from different people in different parts of the world, with different backgrounds, life circumstances and experiences.

I think, in each piece of writing, in each shared experience, there is something that we, as sex workers, can relate to.

Whether that’s found in a deep admiration for the creativity and resilience of our peers, in feelings of love for our clients, or in the intensity and innovation of the hustle.

Or perhaps in the navigation of uncharted territory; that steep learning curve. Or, as a way support ourselves through education, to provide for our families and give back to our communities.

Maybe even in the darker things… In the risks we take when we cannot screen our clients but need to work. In the threats to our health and safety in illegalised models. When we encounter bad clients and dry days. When we work to survive, because we have no other choice.

The heart-breaking, intoxicating, perilous, inexplicable expanse of the sex industry lies before you. And there is only more to come.

Love Quin x  

But who is behind all this?

My name is Quin! Maybe you've heard of me. Maybe not.

I’ve been working in the Melbourne sex industry for the past 6 years. You can find me on Twitter @willow_quinh

During the quietude of the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity arose to create an online magazine whereby I could present the literary talents of my sex worker community. I enjoy writing, I've seen my fellow sex workers write some amazing things, and I've always wanted to be more involved in supporting my community. The idea felt like a natural fit. Creating this website and sourcing submissions are the first steps to making this dream a reality. Thank you for being here!

To my chagrin, I haven’t come up with a good name for this project. Great Sex Worker Writings is just a placeholder. I'm hoping that a name will present itself organically. Feel free to share any ideas you may have.

If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch. I love feedback and constructive criticism and I know I'm far from perfect. Our industry can be a tricky landscape to navigate, especially when it comes to privacy and safety. I want to make sure I'm doing everything in the most best and right way possible.

Also, if you’d like to be involved in some way other than contributing pieces for the publication — please let me know! Let's see how we can make this thing even better.

I can be contacted via email at editor@greatsexworkerwritings.com