Hello! Are you a sex worker?

Do you like to write?

Would you like to be paid for your writing?

Welcome to our online magazine: Great Sex Worker Writings.

We source written content from some of the best writers around — sex workers. Allow us to share your experiences, showcase your creativity, impart your knowledge and support your business!

You can also find us on Twitter @sw_writings

Selected submissions will be paid up to $250 AUD.

We want to hear from everyone, and especially those who:

  • are First Nations and Aborginal people
  • are people of colour
  • are queer, trans and gender diverse
  • are neurodivergent
  • have disabilities and/or chronic health conditions
  • have lost income due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Wondering what to write? We accept the following:

  • Short stories, maximum 3000 words
  • Creative non-fiction, maximum 3000 words
  • Reflective essays & personal accounts, maximum 3000 words
  • Educational & journalistic essays, maximum 3000 words
  • Photo essays, maximum 10 images and 100 words-per-image
  • Poetry, maximum 40 lines
  • Prose poetry, anywhere from a paragraph to a few pages

Submit your piece via email to editor@greatsexworkerwritings.com
All works are selected at the editor's discretion.

Further details:

  • You are encouraged to attach a publishable submission statement that gives insight into who you are and what inspired your piece. Included here can be any social media handles or website links that will publicly link your work to you. We want to celebrate you and your business!

  • Submissions must be written in English, or provided in combination with an English translation. Please mention if English is not your first language.

  • Educational and journalistic essays must be referenced appropriately (and made clear if the content is drawn from personal experiences).

  • Images and descriptions of nudity, sex and sex things are allowed provided they contribute to your submission in a meaningful or artistic way. Get in touch if you have any questions.

Please note: it is not the aim of this publication to replicate content found on industry platforms such as Twitter, although submissions may comment on or brush up against these spaces and the content found therein.


  • Australian payments will be made via Beemit. Beemit can be used internationally but requires:

    • a VISA or Mastercard debit card linked to an Australian bank account, and
    • Australian identity documents for account verification (passport, driver's license or Medicare card)
  • International payments will be made via an international bank transfer, but this will require your legal details.

Please note: If you can't use Beemit and you're not comfortable providing your legal details, there is the option to negotiate for a third-party to accept money on your behalf. Alternatively, you're welcome to submit something voluntarily.

Privacy & Licensing

This online space is for and to support sex workers.

If you submit a piece and it is selected for publishing, you may be asked to provide a referral. This person must also work in the industry and must consent to being contacted to verify you are a sex worker. This can be done by phone call, text, email or DM - whatever is most comfortable for the person in question.

Please note: payment for selected pieces will be made once this step is complete.

By submitting a piece you agree to the following:

More information about this license can be found here.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns <3