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Shameless, Sex Workers & Heightened Stories

by Reese Piper

Reese writes about the importance of film and television in portraying sex work as work — by showing us as people who are more than our jobs, people who just happen to be sex workers by trade... with all the humdrum realities of any other kind of job. She argues that this is the way sex work must be depicted in order to normalise what we do.

Film and television can be one of the few ways in which civilians gain an insight into our industry... Heightened narratives that hone in on the extremes of sex work perpetuate misconception and stigma about the nature of our industry. By contrasting sex work representation across various shows and films, Reese cuts to the heart of these issues.

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Reese has been a stripper for five years and has written about the industry for nearly four. She hasn't worked in the clubs since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic but she's been using the time to work on a memoir about sex work and autism.

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Writings by Helen Corday

Love is a Verb

Helen's latest submission once again draws from her own experience. She writes about the painful disconnect we face as adults when we aren't taught how to love ourselves as children.

Helen shares her heartfelt reflections of her journey with healing and encourages us to also be courageous; to tenderly address our childhood wounds and re-parent our inner self. In doing so we may come to truly love ourselves - and from this place of self-worth, truly love another.

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Helen writes about her experience as a mother, as a sexual being, and as a sex worker.

She intelligently unpacks the intersections of these identities, and celebrates her diverse sex work community. Like so many of us, Helen found acceptance and autonomy from working in the biz.

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Helen is a shameless harlot, a lusty MILF, a kinky intimate companion, erotic masseuse, pornographer, writer and pleasure coach. She's a 40yo sex work veteran with 17 years of experience in the many forms of sex work.

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Unheard Voices

New Stories from Ugandan Sex Workers

Even though people from all levels of society contract the services of sex workers in Uganda, the industry is illegal and heavily stigmatised. Workers face rejection by their families and communities and must navigate the ever-present threat of violence and coercion from clients and the police. The legal system in Uganda discriminates against sex workers on account of their profession. Many workers live in slums, below the poverty line, without access to proper health services.

This collection of writings holds great power, for it provides us with an opportunity to hear the unique voices of our Ugandan peers. In doing so, we bear witness to their suffering and their strength, their fortitude and their resourcefulness. In these accounts, we find the humanity we all share.

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CARE For Us is a Ugandan organisation that advocates for sex workers, LGBTQI people, and young mothers to have access to health, economic empowerment, and social justice. They are a small team who are passionate about and committed to helping sex workers and other vulnerable people become self-sufficient; to have more choice about how they live their lives.

The team at CARE continues to facilitate the submission of poems and personal accounts from their sex worker members, by organising for the dictation, recording, and translation of the works.

care Visit CARE For Us' website at careforusuguanda.org
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Peep Show Mayhem

by Claire Stellar

Claire's story is enlightening, funny, and demonstrates the satisfaction possible when we find our place in the sex work community.

With a tone that's lighthearted, Peep-Show Mayhem brings to light many important issues for sex workers.

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Claire is a a 41yo private escort who has lived with systemic lupus erythematosus for the past 20 years. During this time, she has moved between different avenues of the adult industry, including working in strip clubs, brothels and escort agencies. The industry has provided Claire with the flexibility she requires to deal with unexpected health issues.

Unsurprisingly, Claire has encountered poor treatment and practices at some businesses, and extremely generous and dignified treatment at others. Her experiences steered her towards postgraduate studies in law, and following this, to becoming a proud member of Sex Work Law Reform Victoria (SWLRV).

SWLRV is a volunteer, non-partisan lobby group comprised of former and current sex workers, who advocate for the decriminalisation of all forms of consensual adult sex work.

Visit SWLRV's website at sexworklawreformvictoria.org.au
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Experiences in Sex Work

by Graham Farquhar

Our industry can be a strange and unpredictable place... Shrouded within the implicit, it can be hard to know what to expect and difficult to navigate. Graham Farquhar has written two candid, insightful (and sometimes very funny) reflections on his experiences in sex work.

In Part I, Graham takes us back to his bewildering debut into the realms of sex work, and shares a little about where he is now.

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In Part II, we see Graham's growth as he continues to navigate the industry, determined to realise his dream of working for himself.

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Graham is a Scottish writer and a photographer who has had various experiences in the sex industry. He has always been a bit weird and struggled to fit in with other people. After a near-death experience and a diagnosis of autism, Graham stopped trying to follow the rules of society quite so hard. Things didn’t get a lot easier, but at least he knew the reason why he struggled.

Fetish and kink feature a lot in Graham's creative work. His writing is fairly direct, but his photography plays more into a mood or a vibe. There’s always lots of nudity.

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Notes on Intimacy

by Mia Culpa

Reading this piece is like entering a sapio-dreamstate... Scenes of drowsy sundrenched moments offer us a window into the liminal space of a German summer between COVID-19 lockdowns. From this setting, we receive Mia's meditations upon intimacy.

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Born in Melbourne, living and working in Berlin, Mia is an all rounder in the industry: stripper, full service escort and now content creator. She struggles to accept that she is also a writer.

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We are pleased to announce that Mia's writing is also exhibited in the Museum of Intimacy  


by Jordan Quinn

The 2020 Sex Workers of Aotearoa; A day in the life of. art exhibition ran from July 25th to August 12th at The Depot gallery in Auckland. Curator Jordan Quinn has written about the Opening Night of her exhibition.

Jordan reflects on how peer- and ally-only invitations created a safer space where sex workers could be themselves without fear — something which held great power for those who attended the evening.

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Visit SWoA's website at swoa.co.nz

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Jordan has worked in the sex industry since February 2014, from agencies, to brothels and independent work. The profession fits in with how she chooses to live her life; it's flexible and overall she enjoys it.

Jordan began the Sex Workers of Aotearoa art exhibition after being interviewed for a documentary on sex work. She wanted to create a means by which sex workers could represent themselves and reach the public eye, whilst maintaining control over their anonymity.

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See Jordan's website at missjordanquinn.co.nz

Why Do People See Escorts?

by Georgie Wolf

Georgie Wolf has interviewed a diverse range of clients to explore and illume the reasons why someone might see an escort.

Spoiler... It's not just about getting off.

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Georgie is a Melbourne-based escort, writer, and sex educator.

Her book The Art of the Hook Up teaches skills for better sex, and her website About Escorts shares tips for fulfilling experiences with sex workers.

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by Zuzanna Gabrielli

Supersexe forms an intense, gritty account of a night in the well-known Montreal strip club.

In this story, Zuzanna shares her experience, and remembers the resilience and hustle of a working mother named Starr.

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Zuzanna Gabrielli is a queer sex worker based in Berlin. She writes stories that touch on the topics of sexuality, sex work, and religion, and is intending to publish a collection of these short stories by early 2021.

Zuzanna also hopes to someday purchase a Mediterranean villa where workers from around the world can come, kick back, and make jokes around the campfire whilst sipping Prosecco.

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See Zuzanna's website at zuzugabrielli.com